Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wisdom From Dr. Seuss

With Spring Break about over, I figure everyone can use some encouragement, especially my fellow writers.

    To be honest, though, I never expected that encouragement to come from the father of "The Cat in the Hat," but I'll take it wherever I can find it.  (Sometimes that includes fortune cookies, if I'm desperate enough....)

    Here it is, from "Oh, The Places You'll Go!":

    "You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose." 

    Is it me, or is that a snippet of instant inspiration?  Because he's right. 
    Everything is just starting.  You and your book, your writing -- you're all starting to take off, and you can go as far as you decide.  Just remember the writing, good old Dr. Seuss, Chinese fortune cookies, and lots of prayers, and you've got it made.

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