Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Literally "Yeah"? Um, No

Originally, I'd been planning on elaborating Step #2 for the checklist.

    Then it came to my attention that there's something desperately wrong with the situation this blog is in.  See, some people might think the "YA" in the title stands for "yeah".

    Not quite.  But let me explain. 

    YA stands for "young adult" in the publishing -- and writing -- world.  (MG is middle grade.  Your book's classification just depends on the word count and the story itself, if you know what I mean.)

    So really, all that the title's referring to is the fact that this blog is to help teens -- excuse me, "young adults" -- with their writing and books -- which are most likely in the YA category. 

    Make more sense now?  Good.  I'll pick the checklist up again tomorrow -- but until then, remember:  Literally Yeah doesn't exist. 


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